Sajid Javed

I am full stack WordPress Developer, Designer, Support Hero and author of Easy Facebook Like Box plugin. I love developing cool WordPress plugins, themes and try to help solve problems of WordPress users on & forum.

Sajid Javed

  • 09Aug

    So you have created a fancy and customized registration form on a page for smooth registration and now want to change the default register link on wp-login.php ? If yes then continue reading :) To change/replace the default registration link with your own custom registration page link, add following code in functions.php file of your child theme or use it as mu-plugin. If

  • 13Jul

    The Eid occasion is really important in our lives that gives us opportunity to get out of our busy schedule of work, work and work. Its a great chance to spend time with family, hangout with friends and eat lots of food :) Speciality of last Eid is that it were first of my son Muhammad Arham (sounds great). I

  • 22Jun

    Some times you need to add the custom CSS code to tweak the layout, change font size or links colors. You found the custom code from internet but your theme does not have option to add custom CSS then don't worry. You can add the code easily with one of following listed options. Using Simple Custom CSS plugin First and very

  • 22Jun

    You are using a very nice WordPress theme that you love but there are still some aspects you need to change/enhance then what would you do. Edit the parent theme file ? No, bad idea, never ever edit the parent theme's style.css file or any other file like functions.php file, because you will lose these changes when you will update

  • 31Mar

    Welcome to my Website! This post is just to say hello to the readers of my blog. I developed this website to share my WordPress knowledge with its most loving community. On this website you can expect regular new posts about WordPress Tips/Tricks, Code Snippets, New Plugins & Themes announcements from me and plugin/themes review both free and paid. Oh

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